Urs Wolffers


Translator of English-> German, French -> German, Italian -> German


High School Bern-Neufeld (1967-1973) Languages: German, French, Italian, English, Latin. Major subjects: French and Mathematics. Baccalaureate Degree.

Law Studies at the University of Berne (1974-1980) Studied civil law, criminal law, administrative law, and economics; achieved Attorney Degree.


District Court in Aarberg, Switzerland, and Steffen Law Offices in Thun, Switzerland (1978-1979); worked on civil and criminal law cases

Work Experience

Attorney, Swiss Federal Customs Administration (1981-1982) Key Areas: Criminal and Administrative Law

Department Head of Recovery Dpt at the Swiss Office of Social Security (1983-1990); Managed accounts receivable and bookkeeping. Provided information in German, French and Italian.

Attorney at Fischer Law Firm (archive.org)(1990-2000)
(archiv.org Key Areas: business law, social insurance law, family law. Work conducted in German, English, French and Italian.

Freelance Translator (2000-present) Translate legal, business and technology-related documents as well as tourism information from English, French and Italian into German.

I am a member of the following lists:

Member of the German Translators List pt_, of the Italian List Langit and the International List xenoi