Ordering Tips

When ordering, please provide me with comprehensive information on the following:

I am happy to accommodate any particular requests you may have regarding your translation as long as I am informed in a timely manner. This includes any special formatting or delivery requests, such as delivery on a CD, disc, USB stick, as a bound copy, etc.

If you wish to print the translation, then please obtain my consent "Good for Printing".

Translations are rarely isolated texts, but stand in relation to existing documents and should be consistent in vocabulary and format with these other documents. Please, therefore, to the extent possible, provide me with links to—or inform me of—any of your web sites or third party web sites with similar topics, glossaries, translation memories, graphics, lists of abbreviations, etc. Please bear in mind that some abbreviations can have as many as 100 meanings or more.

Please also let me know whether you would like me to raise queries with you as they arise or at the end.

As the saying goes, "It is not possible to please all of the people all of the time." It may therefore happen that you differ with my translation at certain points. Should this occur, please send me your feedback, and I am sure we can come up with something we both agree to. Detailed, clear information always helps to speed along the process.


I do not disclose any information that I receive from you to third parties, unless it is requested by law enforcement or the courts.


Unless other arrangements have been made, the agreed-upon fee must be paid within 30 days after invoice date. I reserve the right to request advance payments or payment in installments.

For a cost estimate, please send me an e-mail

If you do not require a rush job, there are special, discounted slow translation rates.